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Our Colorado Springs, Falcon & Windsor Optometrists Offer Treatment for Astigmatism

Astigmatism Treatment, Woman on phone, Colorado Springs, Falcon & Windsor Optometrists

Visiting an optometrist provides the opportunity to address problems with vision. An eye doctor evaluates the health of your eyes and identifies the underlying causes of changes to your vision. At Alpine Vision, we offer services in our Colorado Springs, Falcon, and Windsor offices to help individuals find the right treatment for changes to their vision. In certain cases, the underlying cause of your concerns stems from astigmatism in your eyes. For more information call us at 719-520-3333.

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism refers to a common condition that occurs when light does not focus evenly in your eyes. Essentially, the refraction of light into the retina differs from normal refraction due to the shape of your eyes. In astigmatism, the eyes curve in a way that differs from normal and results in a variation in the way you focus on light. Rather than being more circular in shape, eyes with astigmatism tend to be shaped more like a football. As a result, your vision changes and you do not see objects clearly at certain distances. 

Although medical professionals do not know the exact reasons that your eyes change shape over time, we have treatment options available at Alpine Vision to help correct the blurry images and improve the way light refracts into your cornea with appropriate glasses and contacts.

Symptoms of the Condition

The symptoms of the condition relate to the way that you see objects at any distance. In most cases, it impacts your vision at several different distances, so you notice changes to your vision as the curve of your cornea changes.

Common signs of the condition include:

·    Strained eyes

·    Headaches

·    Difficulty seeing or focusing on objects

·    Squinting

·    Distorted or blurred vision at all distances

·    Difficulty with nighttime driving

When you notice distortions in your vision, you want to discuss the situation with an optometrist. While blurred vision does not always relate to the condition, it does occur in many cases.

Treatment Solutions from our Colorado Springs, Falcon & Windsor Optometrists

Treatment options for the condition depend on personal choices and lifestyle concerns. Generally, we correct changes to your vision with eye glasses or contact lenses. When you decide to use contact lenses, we take measurements of your eyes and recommend different options based on your goals and lifestyle. . 

Surgical procedures also help with the condition, but we generally recommend discussing the options with an optometrist before you decide on going forward with surgery. Ultimately, the decision to seek surgical solutions is a personal choice and is not necessary to correct most vision problems that stem from astigmatism.

Problems with your vision relate to a variety of different situations and health conditions. In certain cases, problems stem from the refraction or bending of light in your eyes. Going through a comprehensive exam and evaluating the changes to your vision allows an optometrist to correct the situation. For more information about conditions related to your eye health and vision, contact us today at 719-520-3333! We have office locations in Colorado Springs, Falcon, and Windsor.