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Dry Eye and Red Eye Treatment in Colorado Springs, Falcon, and Windsor

Occasional redness or dryness in the eyes can occur due to exposure to the wind or other environmental factors. However, dry eyes or red eyes that occur on a frequent or regular basis indicate a problem that should be treated. Dry or red eyes can interfere with daily activities over time and cause considerable discomfort. At Alpine Vision, we offer dry eye and red eye treatment for patients in Colorado Springs, Falcon, and Windsor. 

Woman using eye drops for her dry, red eyes.

Red Eye Treatment

Red eyes occur due to irritation caused by a minor problem, such as dust in the eye, or a more serious one, such as an eye infection. While red eyes are common in many individuals, those who have redness more often than usual should have their eyes examined. Serious conditions, such as conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and uveitis, can all cause red eyes. Conjunctivitis is a contagious condition that affects the eyelid, while uveitis refers to an inflamed uvea in the eye. Corneal ulcers are bacterial or viral sores that affect the cornea. These conditions require prompt treatment in order to protect vision and prevent complications from occurring. Red eyes can also occur due to trauma to the eye. Any injuries to the eyes should be examined and treated to lower the risk of vision impairment or loss. 

Treatment for red eyes depends on the underlying cause. For example, bacterial infections require treatment with antibiotic medication. Our optometrists examine red eyes to determine if the underlying cause requires treatment. This helps ensure that patients with red eyes receive the treatment they need for relief from these symptoms. 

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eyes occur when there are not enough tears in the eyes or when the quality of tears is poor. Dryness is common in certain situations, such as being in an air-conditioned environment, but it should not occur on a regular basis. In some cases, dryness occurs with other symptoms that affect the eyes such as burning, redness, or sensitivity to light.  Dry eyes can also be watery or produce blurry vision. Some individuals with dry eyes also have trouble driving when it is dark out or when they wear contacts. Dryness in the eyes is sometimes associated with medical conditions, such as thyroid problems or diabetes. Our optometrists can check dry eyes in order to determine what is causing these symptoms. Knowing the cause helps determine the most suitable dry eye treatment to use. 

Treatment options for dry eyes depend on what is causing them. There are several options available, including eye drops, procedures to block tear ducts, and procedures to remove blockages from oil glands in the eyelids. 

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If you have dry or red eyes that are interfering with your normal activities or causing severe discomfort, please contact Alpine Vision to make an appointment for our clinic in Colorado Springs, Falcon, or Windsor. Our eye doctors can help you find relief for your symptoms.